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This is an index to where references to Dogen’s works appear in Katagiri Roshi’s talks.

Note: This is an early work in progress, and it only includes talks I have transcribed. I will update it as I add new transcripts.


Fukanzazengi – Dogen’s “Universal Recommendation for Zazen” – provides the cannonical guidance for practicing zazen in the Soto Zen school. It is often recited daily during sesshins.


Shōbōgenzō: “Treasury of the True Dharma Eye” is a collection of texts by Dogen – his most well-known work.

Fascicles from Shobogenzo referenced in Katagiri’s talks are listed below.


Genjōkōan – “Actualizing the Fundamental Point” – is one of the first and best-known of Dogen’s works, and appears as an early chapter in Shobogenzo. Genjokoan is both an introduction to and overview of Dogen’s teachings, and as such is of primary importance in Zen study.



One Bright Pearl

Japanese: Ikka myōju – 顆明珠

Life and Death

Japanese: Shōji

Four Horses

Japanese: Shime


This fascile of Shobogenzo is distinct from Fukan Zazengi.

Fukanzazengi – Talk 1 (36:23)

Ocean Seal Samadhi

Japanese: Kaiin-zanmai

Eihei Koroku

Eihei Koroku is a collection of Dogen Zenji’s Dharma Hall Discourses (short dharma talks).

There is now an English translation of the Eihei Koroku, but at the time the talks were given, there was not. Where Eihei Koroku discourses appear in the talks, it seems like that Katagiri Roshi translated them himself.

The titles for these discourses are taken from “Dōgen’s Extensive Record: A Translation of the Eihei Kōroku,” translated by Taigen Dan Leighton and Shohaku Okumura. The titles did not originate with Dogen, but are useful for reference.

Dharma Discourse 372: “Undisturbed by Thunderclaps”

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